Makeup that highlights the shortcomings of the stars

Makeup that highlights the shortcomings of the stars Makeup was created to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the person, but it can play with its owner and a cruel joke.And celebrities, on the image which conjures a whole team of makeup artists super pros, in this case for some reason is no exception. Source: the Makeover that highlights the shortcomings of the stars . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lars von Trier is preparing to shoot a porno movie

Lars von Trier is preparing to shoot a porno movieThe next film by Lars von Trier will be called a Nymphomaniac (Nymphomaniac), and the speech in it goes about the erotic life of a woman from zero to 50 years, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the resource Screen Daily."We hope to begin shooting next summer. This is the normal schedule of Lars - the movie every two years," said producer edition Peter albГ¦k Jensen, together with von Trier founded the Studio Zentropa.The picture, according to preliminary data, will consist of eight parts, equipped with subheads: "the Eastern and the Western Church", "the Little organ school" and so on. At the Cannes film festival, von Trier mentioned that he was going to make a porn movie for which you want to study the history of the Church.According to the producer, the Director realizes that he may have problems because of the censorship, so that the "Nymphomaniac" will be done in two versions: the original, more explicit, softened and adapted for the cinema in ordinary hall. Jensen stresses that the film will be based not so much on explicit scenes, but on the dialogues."Lars is very worn with this idea. I guess that the movie will not only erotic, but also very funny. We understand that will attract the attention of the press. Читать полностью -->

Two portraits of Lorenzo Lotto will exhibit at the Pushkin

Two portraits of Lorenzo Lotto will exhibit at the PushkinIn the Pushkin state Museum October 1 exhibited two portraits of the Italian Renaissance painter Lorenzo Lotto - Febo da Brescia" and "Laura da Pola". Picture Lotto brought from the collection of the Milan Pinakothek Brera.As reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday, September 27, the two paintings presented at the Italian Embassy in Moscow.Picture Lotto, ordered simultaneously in 1543 and is written for two years, always exhibited together. According to the Ambassador of Italy in Russia, Zanardi Landi, the choice of these paintings was not accidental. "This is a very interesting love story of the couple, and here we brought the painting to once again sing the praises of love," the Ambassador said.The portraits were ordered personally by the Phoebus Bettinelli from Brescia (a city in Northern Italy). He died in 1547; his wife Laura was left with three children.According to the Agency, in Russia are a number of works by Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556) - five at the Hermitage, and one painting in the Pushkin Museum. In the Pushkin Museum portraits brought within the framework of the cross Year of Russia and Italy. Читать полностью -->

Jasmine married a Moldovan businessman

Jasmine married a Moldovan businessman Popular singer Sarah seminueva, known in show business as Jasmine, the second time I got married. Chosen one of the singer became the Moldavian businessman Ilan Shor, report Spouse is younger than his wife of nine years.Witnesses at the wedding were Natalia Aseeva and famous Moldovan businessman Gabriel Stati. Among the guests were fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, the former President of Moldova Petru Lucinschi and Vladimir Voronin, artists Alexander Buinov, Philip, Verka Serduchka. In Chisinau from Moscow also came Granny Jasmine - Sarah. She was raised and educated singer, who lost her mother at an early age.For guests of the groom rented the most prestigious hall of the Palace of the Republic, which meets the Moldovan Parliament. Читать полностью -->

Named the most popular character in `Harry Potter`

Named the most popular character in `Harry Potter`Dean of Slytherin house Severus Snape is the most popular character in "Harry Potter". This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Guardian.It was attended by more than 70 thousand fans of the Saga.In second place was Hermione Granger, and the third - Sirius black. Himself the main character won only the fourth line of the rating.It is noteworthy that JK Rowling herself previously considered to be my favorite character of Harry Potter, but after the release of the last book, she admitted that her preferences have changed"Now, when it was all over, I would like to invite to dinner Dumbledore. We have much to discuss, and I will gladly use his advice," said the writer in a recent interview.Recall that in a series of films about Harry Potter role Snape played by Alan Rickman. Source: Named the most popular character in the "Harry Potter"". . Читать полностью -->

Russell Crowe will play the mayor `Ruined city`

Russell Crowe will play the mayor `Ruined city`Russell Crowe will perform a key role in the film, Allen Hughes ' "Broken city" ("Broken City"), according to the website Deadline.The actor will play the town mayor, suspecting his wife of adultery. The character Crowe hires ex-COP, turned private detective, that he followed his wife. The role of a detective will perform mark Wahlberg. He is also the producer of "the Ruined city".The screenplay was written by Brian Tucker. In 2008, this story was in the so-called "black list" is an informal list of the best of scenarios, which for various reasons have not been put into production.The budget of "the Ruined city" will be 60 million US dollars. Shooting is due to begin in November 2011. Читать полностью -->

Manager `IKEA` hanged himself in the suburbs

Manager `IKEA` hanged himself in the suburbsIn the suburbs in one of elite settlements have committed suicide a Swedish citizen Kenned Persons, have informed "Interfax" a source in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region."63-year-old Person had hanged himself in his home," the source said.According to media reports, Candidate Person is a Manager of the Swedish company "IKEA". Source: Manager IKEA hanged himself in the suburbs. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Blake lively and Leonardo DiCaprio broke up

Blake lively and Leonardo DiCaprio broke upThe most eligible bachelor of Hollywood again! A five-month romance Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake lovely has come to an end.About this was reported to the representatives of the couple, however, no details of the breakup (except that they remained friends) are not voiced.Probably, this news came as a shock not only for fans of the couples, but for friends and Leo, who were 100% convinced that Blake is the one, only and unique. In a recent interview with each actor admitted that he "never saw him so happy with any girl". By his own admission, "gossip girl" won the heart of DiCaprio not only for its spectacular appearance:"She often baked different Goodies. Leo never met a girl who knew how to cook. He was amazed!". . Читать полностью -->

The forward of NHL was found dead in Toronto

The forward of NHL was found dead in TorontoAnother tragedy occurred in the North American hockey. Former forward of "Nashville"Wade Hare found dead. This is the third case of death of the hockey player NHL before the season.The national Hockey League was enveloped in a series of deaths. Former forward of "Nashville" Weidberg was found dead in his apartment in Toronto. The cause of death is not yet known and due to the increasing deaths of hockey players from the NHL and the League office, and the North American police from making any comment. April 9, Belak has announced the completion of a career. Читать полностью -->

Sir Elton John will show his son.

Sir Elton John will show his son.64-year-old composer and his 49-year-old partner David furnish, recently became parents, don't miss the opportunity to show his son the world! Zachary, who is not yet a year old, managed to visit in Hawaii, Venice, Saint-Tropez and Kiev. In November, the star couple will bring my son to the Russian capital.We all remember the beginning of the epic with adoption. Elton John and his husband wanted to adopt 2 Ukrainian boys, but the harsh laws of Ukraine, which does not recognize same-sex marriage, not allowed to do it.Elton John inseparable with her baby and takes him everywhere with you! As stated by the Maestro one glossy publication: "My son, of course, not be in need, but he will not have anything extra. I understand that in my present condition it would be very difficult to do, because I will always choose to pamper him, but I do plan to raise Zachary in the real world to it since childhood and for life understand the true value of things. But at the same time, we want to give him that carefree, innocent, full of love and freedom from all sorts of worries.". . Читать полностью -->

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