Marat Basharov will play the Nemesis of Stephen Baldwin

Marat Basharov will play the Nemesis of Stephen BaldwinMarat Basharov a movie with Stephen Baldwin. In the international project of the popular Russian and American actors will play sworn enemies.The film is about the "velvet" revolutions taking place around the world, filmed in Russia and the USA. According to colleagues, 37-year-old star of "Turkish gambit", "the Wedding" and "USSR" quickly settled on one platform with a Hollywood celebrity Stephen Baldwin.Work- Marat and Steven now found a common language. Despite the fact that the schedule was very tight, the stars talked a lot on extraneous topics, - has shared with "Z" employee of the crew. - As far as I know, they even agreed that Baldwin will come to Basharova in Russia.However, the role in the film "velvet" revolutions taking place around the world, got not only Basharova. In the tape also starred Aleksey Chadov and Alexander rezalin. Читать полностью -->

The title of `Miss universe` got the girl from Angola

The title of `Miss universe` got the girl from AngolaThe winner of the beauty contest "Miss universe 2011" on Monday, September 12, ended in Sao Paulo, Brazil, became the representative of Angola Leila Lopes. The Associated Press reported.Lopez walked around 88 rivals and became the first representative of Angola, won the title "Miss universe". She received the crown from the hands of last year's winners, Mexican Jimena Navarrete.First Vice-miss was Ukrainian Olesya stefanko, the second Vice-miss - Priscila Machado of Brazil.Natalia Gantimurova, representing Russia, was not included among the finalists.The broadcast of the jubilee, the sixtieth of the contest "Miss universe" looked, according to preliminary data, a billion people. Source: the Title of "Miss universe" got the girl from Angola. . . Читать полностью -->

Published a rating of the richest young people in Britain

Published a rating of the richest young people in BritainAn The Heat magazine has unveiled its annual ranking of the richest young people in Britain. For the second consecutive year it was headed by the performer of the role of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe, earned in 2011 to 51.7 million pounds sterling.A year earlier, the earnings of the actor were "modest" at 46.6 million pounds sterling.In second place was again keira Knightley, who managed to top up their state the amount of 30.8 million pounds. Earnings Actresses mostly developed not from fees for participation in film projects, and the funds received for shooting in advertising.Only third place ranking was able to take Robert Pattinson, earned in 2011, slightly more than 24,7 million pounds. The welfare of Pattinson is based solely on participation in the Saga "Twilight".Completing the top five leaders "potterian" Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Their condition increased by 23.9 and 21.7 million pounds, respectively.Note that in the study takes into account only the earnings of British people under 30 years of age. Source: Published a rating of the richest young people in Britain. Читать полностью -->

Tina Kandelaki requires 1.7 million rubles for the spoiled holiday

Tina Kandelaki requires 1.7 million rubles for the spoiled holidayTina Kandelaki spent the holiday on a Greek island, however, remained dissatisfied. Due to the poor service in the hotel and no beach searing brunette was forced to look for another hotel.Now TV presenter requires 1.7 million rubles with the tour operator for the spoiled holiday.In the beginning of November in Kuntsevsky court of Moscow will host the lawsuit filed by TV presenter Tina Kandelaki on paying her a tour operator with more than 1.7 million rubles for the spoiled holiday in Greece, RIA Novosti reports. In the statement of claim Kandelaki indicates that the conditions of accommodation in hotel Nikonos was not consistent with what had been stated in the purchase package tours. In this regard, the presenter asks the court to oblige the company to return to her part paid for the ticket money - more than 850 thousand rubles, said court spokesman Tatiana Denisova.The fact is that in August of this year, Tina Kandelaki vacationing on the Greek island of Mykonos. Believing laudatory stories of the tour operator, TV presenter opted for a hotel where supposedly rested singer Shakira and Spanish player of Barcelona football player Gerard Pique. Only in reality the hotel was really disappointed Kandelaki."A full sense of Sochi "Pearls"! The concept of service is non-existent! The beach is not at all! Three stones and four loungers! As for 4300 dollars to offer such a thing?!" - quote microblogging perturbed Life News presenter.Tina Kandelaki is not limited to 850 thousand rubles. Читать полностью -->

`Star trek 2` will be released in 2013

`Star trek 2` will be released in 2013Paramount Pictures has announced a release date for the continuation of the sci-Fi blockbuster of 2009 "Star trek".The premiere of the sequel is scheduled for may 17, 2013. Earlier J. J. Abrams has stated that he is not going to work with three-dimensional format. However, the Director changed his mind, and now it became known that "Star trek 2" will be released on the wide screen in 3D.Continue shooting will start on January 15, to their roles in the film will be back Chris pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, and other key actors.In addition, composer Michael Giacchino ("Star trek," "Super 8") gave his consent to the resumption of cooperation with the Abrams. Source: "Star trek 2" will be released in 2013. Читать полностью -->

Alla BaГўnovu will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery

Alla BaГўnovu will be buried at Novodevichy cemeteryPeople's artist of Russia Alla BaГўnovu, who died August 30, will be buried on 2 September at the Novodevichy cemetery. About it reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the statement by the representative of the singer Natalia Dolzhikova.On Friday morning the funeral will be held the audience in the Church of St. Nicholas, and then at 13:00 will start a civil funeral. According to Golikova, it will be held at the cemetery, as in the will Lanovoy they say, that "in no case the coffin with her body was not found at the scene.Performer of romances Alla Bayanova died in his 98th year of life in Moscow. On the day of death "Interfax" reported that the actress died in the first Moscow hospice. August 30 Dolzhikova said that in the last year Bayanova was very ill.Alla Bayanova was born in 1914 in Chisinau. Читать полностью -->

Star `Uni` undressed `Mahim`

Star `Uni` undressed `Mahim` New star of popular TV series Anna Khilkevich was not worse gone Masha Kozhevnikova. All of her charms she showed on the pages of the popular magazine.In an interview with "Mahim" Anna Khilkevich talked about her career as an actress, what a experience naked shots and about her husband. About the shooting: "I'm a veteran! I am now 25 years old, and I removed with fourteen. Theatre school, theatre Institute. Movies, series. "Barvikha" that was quite noticeable... Читать полностью -->

New footage of the movie `Twilight. Saga. Dawn`

New footage of the movie `Twilight. Saga. Dawn` Before the premiere of the movie "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 1" another long three months, but the film-makers already warmed up the interest of the public.In the network there are new images from the film. Читать полностью -->

The death of Amy Winehouse was a natural

The death of Amy Winehouse was a naturalThe police conducted an autopsy on the body of the deceased on Saturday, July 23, in your own home of British singer Amy Winehouse, however, the autopsy report did not answer the question about the cause of death. On it informs British television BBC.It is established that the death was natural, but because of the crime in this case.In addition to opening is produced Toxicological examination, which may take from two to four weeks.Despite numerous attempts by the media to adopt the version of death from drug overdose (Winehouse was repeatedly treated for alcohol and drug abuse), the police has so far refused to confirm this version."It would be wrong to speculate on the cause of death," - said the representative of Scotland Yard. Source: the Death of Amy Winehouse was a natural. . . . Читать полностью -->

85-year-old Duchess of Alba wants to get married

85-year-old Duchess of Alba wants to get marriedSpanish aristocrat, 18th Duchess of Alba, the most titled woman in the country, plans to marry her lover, a 60-year-old Alfonso Diez, a member of the Department of social welfare.As stated in the official statement, 85, a noble Spaniard, published in the magazine Hola!, the wedding ceremony will take place in early October.The question of the marriage of the Duchess of Alba, full name is: Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alphonse Victoria Eugenio Fitz-James Stuart and Silva, widely discussed in the Spanish media. The journalists ' attention was focused on the fact that the family of the Duchess were against her decision to marry Diez, as relatives of Alba believed that he expects to receive her money.Faced with the resistance of the family, the Duchess of Alba has decided to abandon his fortune, which is estimated, according to various estimates, at between $ 600 million to 3.5 billion euros. Noble woman distributed the money among his five sons, a daughter and eight grandchildren. In addition to the money each of them will receive on the property.After the document was signed, the relatives of the Duchess, as the announcement of the imminent marriage, have given their consent to the Union of Alba with a commoner. When it will be a wedding of the Duchess and her lover, is unknown. The celebration will be modest: at the wedding will be attended only by the relatives of Alba and her future spouse, and also the personal physician of the Duchess. Читать полностью -->

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