Turkish actress stole the video Nyusha

Turkish actress stole the video NyushaTurkish singer Nez stole Russian pop star Nyusha video for the song "don't interrupt". Overseas version of the prison Saga under a new name Oldu mu - an exact copy of the project Director Yuldashev.No one is surprised stars-plagiary peoples stealing songs from foreign artists. This is, by our standards, has long been normal practice, which is not true of the world entertainment industry. Although, as it turned out, not all overseas cleanly in terms of the ability to profit from someone else's intellectual property. So, Turkish singer Nez did not hesitate and cleaned copied the clip of the singer Nyusha for the song "don't interrupt", leaving in his video all the ideas directed by Bakhodir Yuldashev.The reaction- When I first saw her video Oldu mu, thought it was just a humorous parody of my, - has shared with "Z" Nyusha. - The idea of one to one - coincidence here! But my movie was released in early 2010, and Turkish, as I understand it, in the middle of 2011. Читать полностью -->

The paparazzi caught Vaenga with `hangover`

The paparazzi caught Vaenga with `hangover` Looks like the paparazzi just don't give a pass first singer of the country. Becoming the victim of yet another lover's photograph "from the bushes", Elena Vaenga said:"Well why are you filming me without my permission?! I hope you are not from the rag that loves to publish my photos from the street and write that Vaenga with another hangover... will be asked not to repeat!" Source: Paparazzi caught Vaenga with "hangover" . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Moscow city court banned the broadcast of the TV show `House-2`

The Moscow city court banned the broadcast of the TV show `House-2`The Moscow city court (RF) upheld a ban broadcast of the TV show "House-2" in the morning, afternoon and evening.Presnensky court of Moscow on 4 April, banned the broadcasting of the reality show "Dom-2". It repeated the process in a civil case: in 2008, a group of parents from the all-Russian parent Committee has filed a lawsuit against OJSC "TNT-broadcasting network" due to the fact that broadcast "reality show", in their opinion, have had a damaging effect on mental health of children. Presnensky court of Moscow on July 28, 2009 according to the results of the examination has banned the broadcast of a program from 04:00 until 23:00. The Moscow city court recognised this decision lawful, and it entered into force, according to pravo.uaRecall, the show consisted of two parts: the first started at 23 hours, the second - "the House-2. After sunset" - in 00. A month after the ban shows on daytime TV, the number of spectators night parts of "House-2" has doubled. Читать полностью -->

First images of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby

First images of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby In the Internet appeared the first photos from the set of the film by baz Luhrmann "the Great Gatsby".The pictures are visible actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire in the image of the characters in the movie. DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby, Mulligan is Daisy Buchanan. Maguire plays the role of nick Carraway (that's the person this character is the story in the novel "the Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Fitzgerald).The Luhrmann has begun filming "the Great Gatsby" in September 2011. The picture will be released in 3D on December 25, 2012.Version Luhrmann is not the first adaptation of the novel Fitzgerald. Movies based on the book, came out in cinemas in 1949 and 1974. In addition, in 2000, the audience was presented to the television film "the Great Gatsby". Читать полностью -->

Moses denied the terrible rumors about his condition

Moses denied the terrible rumors about his conditionFlamboyant artist is tired of the assumptions of the media and decided to tell the truth about how he feels.Boris Moiseev is outraged about what you post online media about his condition. According to them, the artist in the hospital, the actor is not acting, the actor hardly speaks, the actor was barely moving, the artist canceled the concerts, but if the concerts are held, instead of the mosaic stage stands double. In General, Boris'm tired of reading about all these "sensational" news and told "Moskovsky Komsomolets" about the true state of Affairs."Even a single concert was not canceled! And I don't have twins, me impossible to imitate! This kind of complete degradation of all! I am amazed at the shaft of lies and misinformation. I could just Wikipedia, but why Jack has released this interview?!", -outraged Moses.I mean Eugene Friedland, who collaborated with Boris Moiseev. He was his producer. It was under the auspices of Fridland came out of the legendary "Blue moon" and her duet with Lyudmila Gurchenko. Читать полностью -->

Guy Ritchie talked about life with Madonna

Guy Ritchie talked about life with MadonnaBritish Director spoke about his life with the American pop singer.Directed by guy Ritchie and Madonna were married in 2000, and ran away in 2008. Since then, the ex-wife found happiness in his personal life, but now the ex-husband of superstar decided to speak plainly about the marriage to pop icon.According to Richie, he does not regret anything in their rather complicated relationship."I enjoyed my first marriage, it's definitely not something I regret," he said. - The experience was very positive, and we have two children - a son Rocco and an adopted boy David, so different I can not see".Ritchie also explained why his Union with the actress proved unsuccessful."I'm in "soap Opera", and for a long time trying to live in it. Of course, in ten years I'm probably more outspoken on this subject, " said the Director. But I am very happy with everything that has happened. In other words, I'm glad earned money. Читать полностью -->

Nacho Duato will put in Michael's `Sleeping beauty`

Nacho Duato will put in Michael's `Sleeping beauty`In December of this year at the Mikhailovsky theatre will host the premiere of the ballet "Sleeping beauty" directed by Nacho Duato. This was reported on the official website of the theatre.On the website it is noted that the choreographer plans to modernize the version by Marius Petipa, while retaining the romantic and magical spirit of the classical work". The new season of the Mikhailovsky theatre opened on September 19 in the evening of one-act ballets by Duato's "Without words" and "Duende", the premiere of which took place last season.According to ITAR-TASS, the theatre also plans to stage an Opera by Alfred Schnittke Life with an idiot". The production has a main theater conductor Peter Feranec and Ukrainian film Director Andrey Zholdak. In addition, the theater invited the avant-garde film Director Andrei Moguchy to make an Opera "the Tsar's bride" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. According to the Agency, before Zholdak and Mighty not worked in Opera houses.Nacho Duato headed the ballet of the Mikhailovsky theatre in 2010. Читать полностью -->

Stars with an ugly busts because of errors surgeons

Stars with an ugly busts because of errors surgeons In practice, a fortune spent on surgery for breast augmentation is not a guarantee of success. Confirmation of this fact were the stars, whose busts have suffered because of negligent errors surgeons.Famous fashion designer Donatella Versace (Donatella Versace) is always difficult to be called attractive, but lately, 53-year-old socialite rapidly deposited: in the pursuit of youth and beauty, the sister of the late designer was overdoing it with diets, plastic surgery and tanningDonatella has turned into a real anorexic to redraw the face and other parts of the body, for hours lying under harmful UV rays.The result - the star looked like bones covered with wrinkled brown skin.But Donatella, it seems, is completely unaware of this and thinks my body is beautiful. For example, Italian just loves to sunbathe Topless... Comments too.The million heiress Ivanka trump (Ivanka Trump), deciding to become an owner of silicone breast, came out of the clinic with different-sized bust.Error surgeon clear: right breast socialite significantly more left.In an effort to unveil the latest bust, the heiress constantly appeared in open dresses that accentuated her defect. However, different breast size has not prevented the Ivanka trump in 2009 to successfully marry. Now 29-year-old Ivanka trump is in an interesting position in January Ivanka announced that he would soon give his famous father's grandson.Silicone bust Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson) in recent years has undergone no fewer changes than its owner.From a small dirty sexy she first turned into a pancake, and then, sitting on a rigid diet, lost weight again to miniature.Apparently, the rapid weight loss was not in vain: silicone bust sister of Michael Jackson now looks somewhat podstavilsya.The skin around the implants stretched, and the breast of the singer looks saggy.The daughter of one of the richest producers in Hollywood tori spelling (Tori Spelling) became interested in plastic arts at 16 years of age.Her Breasts experiments have not benefited, silicone implants tend to shift over time.And it has become difficult to hide even a staged photo.But Tory overweening: star married and had two children, so now on the adaptation of the bust she's just no time.Has not done without excesses associated with an increase in breast and Busty blonde Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson).In naked pictures of actress easy to see how deformed her nipples.Strange postoperative changes occurred with the bust of actress Vivica Fox (Vivica Fox).The actress, known to viewers of the film "Kill bill" is a very opinionated person. Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga `shut` his counterpart's mouth

Lady Gaga `shut` his counterpart's mouthPop singer Lady Gaga was able to achieve a ban on the execution of the cartoon hero Lady Goo Goo parody songs. About it reports The Guardian.Lady Goo Goo - the character's social network for children Moshi Monsters. The repertoire of the hero is the song "Peppy-razzi", a parody of the "Papparazzi", which takes the Lady Gaga. Performer, dissatisfied counterpart, addressed to the High court of England and Wales with a lawsuit against the company Mind Candy, which owns the social network.According to the court decision the company was forbidden to sell or reproduce parody songs, as well as advertise or otherwise distribute the video, which featured Lady Goo Goo.While companies are allowed to continue to use this character, but without the songs.It is reported that Moshi Monsters had planned to place the song in iTunes, and later the album with songs cartoon characters, among which there is a character Dustbin beaver (Dustbin Beaver), based on the image of Justin Bieber.Earlier, Lady Gaga had already tried to take away from the fans website Ladygaga.org but the Board of the National arbitration forum USA decided that it may not be warranted. Lady Gaga is one of the most popular performers and has come close to the title of the richest women in show business. Source: Lady Gaga's "plugged" his counterpart's mouth. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston received a star on the walk of fame

Jennifer aniston received a star on the walk of fameOn the famous Hollywood walk of fame in Los Angeles, which in 2010 celebrated its 50th anniversary, shone a new star.Actress Jennifer aniston has left her handprints, joking at the time: "I never even in my wildest dreams could not imagine that will lower your body in cement.We will remind that this year in the Alley you should receive about two dozen new stars. In addition to aniston on her cablescout names Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet, actors VIN Diesel, Malcolm McDowell, Creator of the animated series "the Simpsons" Matt Groningen and others.As informs RIA of "news" that accompanied the actress to her boyfriend Justin Theroux, a close friend of Chelsea Handler and actor Jason Bateman starred with aniston in the new Comedy "horrible bosses".Jennifer aniston became famous for the role of Rachel green in the television series "Friends", for which she was awarded the "Emmy" and "Golden globe". The most successful aniston movie is released in 2003 "Bruce Almighty.". . . . Читать полностью -->

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