Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday with his ex-wife

Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday with his ex-wifeArnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday in the company of his almost ex-wife Maria Shriver, which at the moment is diluted.The emergence of yet another wife "Terminator" surprised a lot of others, because after the news about the illegitimate son of Arnie from the housekeeper couple relationship became more like a "cold war".Hardly Maria managed in such a short time to forgive your unfaithful husband and about a reconciliation between the former spouses. However, on the birthday of Schwarzenegger Shriver looked beautiful and stayed pretty calm. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Mary at the feast was accompanied by two shared with former California Governor sons.Perhaps the "thaw" in the relations of the spouses came after the actor decided not to deprive his wife and children money. "Terminator" has replaced submitted on July 20 in the court to another, in which he agreed to pay his wife Maria Shriver alimony after divorce and to pay her attorneys during the divorce process.As already mentioned Days., in the application filed by Schwarzenegger a week ago in the superior court of Los Angeles, he refused to assume these costs. The issue of alimony and counsel fees Mary was the only one which the couple during their divorce proceedings had disagreements. Also Schwarzenegger supported the request of the wife to the court to allow them joint custody of their two sons.Arnold and his wife are in the process of a divorce after 25 years together in marriage. Читать полностью -->

Lady GaGa showed magnificent body

Lady GaGa showed magnificent body The January cover of Vanity Fair magazine was graced by the inimitable Lady GaGa.Nice app luxury photo shoot, in which the star is not only wore extravagant outfits and accessories, but also appeared in its original form, demonstrating excellent body, she told about his attitude to marriage.In an interview with Vanity Fair Gaga admitted that a few guys had proposed to her after she broke up with them:"How romantic, damn it," said the singer said. They thought that by wearing my ring on your finger, will solve all the problems. Yes I can buy that damn ring.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Israeli orchestra will play for the first time Wagner in Germany

Israeli orchestra will play for the first time Wagner in GermanyThe Israeli chamber orchestra conducted by Roberto Paternostro will play Richard Wagner in Germany, reports Reuters.The concert, which will be executed symphonic poem Siegfried idyll" will be held within the opening 25 July Bayreuth festival.Israeli musicians rarely play Wagner and never performed his works in Germany. An unofficial ban on the performance of compositions by this composer was introduced in 1938, after Nazi Germany began persecuting the Jews. Since then, Israeli musicians performed works by Wagner a few times.The ban stems from the fact that Wagner was an ardent anti-Semite and a favorite composer of Adolf Hitler. Views composer known for anti-Semitic article "Judaism in music", which was published in 1850 and served for Hitler source of inspiration. In this article, in particular, contained criticism of Felix Mendelssohn and generally addressed to the Jews, whom Wagner was accused of "destructive influence on German culture.". . Читать полностью -->

In the US arrested the former wife of Charlie sheen

In the US arrested the former wife of Charlie sheenEx-wife of Hollywood actor Charlie sheen arrested in the U.S. on suspicion of assaulting a person and possession of cocaine for the purpose of marketing. Brooke J. Muller had a good time in one of the Nightclubs in California, when there was raided by the police.The guards arrived on call women who were in this club. She stated that she was attacked by 34-year-old Mueller. When arrested, the ex-wife Bus found the drugs.She was later released on bail of 11 thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

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