Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi

Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor TsoiOn the Belarusian radio stations were forbidden to put on the air the song of Viktor Tsoi "Change".Authorities have made an arrangement in the black list due to the fact that its popularity has risen sharply in the past month, the students were much more likely to enjoy this song, NTV reports.The song has the line:Change our hearts requireOf changes our eyes.In our laughter and in our tears and in the pulsing veins - change!We expect change!Also off the air was the song "Liapis Trubetskoy" ("the scream" and Belarus freedom), who also enjoyed incredible popularity.The situation was commented by the staff of the Belarusian radio. According to them, one of the listeners, callers to the editor, insisted that included "Changes". The host apologized and said no. A listener asked whether introduced on radio censorship, but the journalist did not answer and caller disconnected from the ether.It was previously reported that the Russian musician Yuri Shevchuk, as well as singer Dmitry Spirin, writers Andrei Bitov, Boris Vasiliev and Viktor Erofeev were in the list of persons whose mention is forbidden on air for criticizing the Belarusian authorities.The list was received in the Belarusian media from the Ministry of information and later published it in his blog, one of the employees of the state media. Source: Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi. . Читать полностью -->

Vienna boys choir will perform for the first time in St. Petersburg

Vienna boys choir will perform for the first time in St. PetersburgVienna boys choir 3 October for the first time will give a concert in St. Petersburg. The band will perform at the State academic Capella, according to a press release received by "Tape.".October 2, Vienna boys choir, one of the most famous children's choirs in the world, performed in Moscow, at the Moscow international House of music. In the capital of the choir came for the third time, he was in Moscow in 2006-m to year.In a press release the company "Musical Olympus", which organizes concerts in Russia, it is noted that in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Vienna choir will perform sacred music and works of classical authors. Читать полностью -->

The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murdered

The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murderedPathologist Christopher Rogers, who conducted the autopsy on the body of the "king of pop" Michael Jackson, testified in the case of the death of a star, reports RIA "Novosti".During the court session on the case of murder of the famous singer his doctor Conrad Murray coroner stated that Jackson was not able to take a dose of propofol that is in interaction with other drugs led to his death. Christopher Rogers believes that the singer was murdered. Also the doctor doubts that Michael Jackson was taking propofol in those moments, while his doctor was in the other room.As stated by Rogers, Michael Jackson was perfectly healthy for her age.- The heart of Jackson was not covered by a layer of fat, the appearance of which tend most men of his age, " commented Rogers.Defense attorneys nastavivaet on the version that Jackson himself had introduced a lethal dose of Propofol that led to the death. However, Christopher Rogers completely denied such an outcome.Most likely, Dr. Murray just calculate the amount of medication that he gave the patient is the expert's opinion.The court has also been provided photographs of the body of Jackson, prepared by experts for the procedure autopsy, reports LifeNews.Recall, the investigators accuse the attending physician to issue the "king of pop" excessive doses of sedatives, which led to the tragedy. Conrad Murray still denies his guilt, if the court finds the doctor guilty, he faces four years imprisonment and deprivation of a license to practice therapy.Trial on the case about the death of Michael Jackson started on 28 September in new York. Читать полностью -->

Photos from the family archive of Amy Winehouse

Photos from the family archive of Amy Winehouse Photos from the family archive of the legendary singer of modern times, who departed this life July 23, 2011.Amy jade Winehouse (Amy Jade Winehouse born 14 September 1983 in Southgate, a suburb of London, in a Jewish family.Photo - Amy at the age of 1 yearHer parents - the taxi driver Mitchell and pharmacist Janice was married for 7 years to the birth of his daughter.The family has long been immersed in musical life: the mother's brothers were professional jazz musicians.And my grandmother on my father's side, Cynthia, whose name, as adults, have gotten Amy on her arm, was a jazz singer and had a close relationship with the legendary British jazz musician Ronnie Scott.In an interview, Amy remembered that the father of a child constantly sang to her (songs by Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald).She also took it into a habit - so that subsequently the teachers find it difficult to get her to behave quietly in class.In 1993, parents of the future singer broke up, but continued to raise children together.When Amy was 9 years old, her grandmother asked her to go to drama school Susie Earnshaw that it could seriously engage in dramatic art.Photo - Amy 4 years oldThe period of fascination with pop music over to Amy at the age of ten, when she discovered Salt''n Pepa, TLC and other rebellious hip-hop and R&B group.In 11 years of hyperactive Amy was already at the head of his own rap band called Sweet'n Sour.12 years old girl was admitted to drama school - she became a training school Sylvia young (Sylvia Young Theatre School).2 years later, having had time to star in an episode of The Fast Show (1997), Amy was deleted for lack of diligence and poor behavior.In my childhood favorite toy Amy was the guitar older brother, and 13-year-old's parents handed her his own.Photo - Amy aged 10 yearsAnd a year later, at 14, she began writing music and first tried drugs.Big show-business was opened by Amy Winehouse in 2000, when she was just 16 years old.Through the efforts of pop singer Tyler James (Tyler James) demos Amy fell into the hands of managers, Island/Universal, seeking young jazz vocalists.She immediately signed a contract and began performing as a professional singer.on 23 July 2011, Amy was found dead in his apartment in London.It is not excluded that the reason for the death of a famous British singer could become abruptly discontinuing use of alcohol.Amy was buried on 26 July near grandma Cynthia./On materials Source: Pictures from the family archive of Amy Winehouse . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Michael Bay refused `Transformers 4`

Michael Bay refused `Transformers 4`This week Hasbro announced the beginning of negotiations with Michael Bay about the fourth part of the blockbuster "transformers". Rumor has it that the fourth and fifth movies will be filmed simultaneously, and starred Jason Statham. And Director, and actor refute the rumors.The forum's own website Michael Bay wrote the following: "I am currently not talking to Paramount about "Transformers 4" and "Transformers 5", despite the news reports. I have a lot of opportunities, and I'm weighing options. Most likely, in the near future I will begin to remove the low-budget crime Thriller "Blood and sweat". The time it will take a bit, but the film itself is quite funny. Читать полностью -->

Enrique Iglesias `boasted` of his manhood

Enrique Iglesias `boasted` of his manhoodAt a recent concert in Melbourne, Australia, Enrique Iglesias shocked his fans, saying that he has "the smallest penis in the world".Spanish singer invited on stage three male spectators and decided to talk to them about their sex life and talk about her."When I was growing up, I had a lot of friends, and they all lost their virginity to prostitutes, there is nothing wrong," he said to the crowd. - They paid for it. I wanted to wait for the right girl, so I waited up to 25 years. I was really nervous the first time. Usually the first time cannot be called the best. Let me be honest, I was only 17 and a half, I was so nervous. Читать полностью -->

Prop mutilated American model

Prop mutilated American modelAmerican model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs lost her hand and suffered severe facial injuries and brain after accidentally hit by the propeller of a plane, Fox News reports.Drama played out Saturday night at a private airport Texas town McKinney. Scruggs went on a double plane "Aviat Husky" view from the air on Christmas lights home state.Under prop 23-year-old model landed, when they left the plane. The circumstances of the incident are still not clear. Family representative Scruggs suggested that Lauren wanted to thank the pilot for the flight, but in the dark did not see the spinning propeller.With serious injuries, the girl was admitted to hospital Parkland in Dallas. The doctors who conducted several operations, managed to save her life. Scruggs had to amputate his left hand. Читать полностью -->

Boxer Tishchenko auctioned from the President.

Boxer Tishchenko auctioned from the President.Two-time Olympic Boxing champion Alexey Tishchenko forced to sell the car BMW X5, presented by the President of the Russian Federation for the victory at the Games in Beijing, due to the lack of funds.Tishenko had to leave the sport at the age of 26 due to a serious injury. The last few years, multiple winner of world Championships is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region."Of course, I would not want to sell the car, but so awkward circumstances. First, you need money to build a house, and secondly, the necessary funds to participate in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region," said Tishchenko in interview to Agency "R-Sport".On a personal website Tishchenko announced the auction, the starting price of BMW X5 in 2008 with a mileage of 39 thousand km is 2.5 million rubles. Source: boxer Tishchenko auctioned from the President.. . . Читать полностью -->

Elena Vaenga tore ligaments at the concert in St. Petersburg

Elena Vaenga tore ligaments at the concert in St. PetersburgThe incident occurred with the singer on September 26 during a concert in St. Petersburg.According to eyewitnesses, in the second part have any audio problems. And while the workers of the scene was to rectify the fault, the audience asked Elena to sing something a Cappella. She agreed, but made a mistake with the tone. And as a result tore the ligaments.The next day, the artist realized that no voice, and immediately turned for help to doctors."Well what can I say? Well, bad. Читать полностью -->

Award `Yasnaya Polyana` received Fazil Iskander

Award `Yasnaya Polyana` received Fazil IskanderThe winner of the literary prize "Yasnaya Polyana" in the nomination "Modern classic" was the writer Fazil Iskander. About it reported in a press release received by "Tape.".Iskander was awarded the prize for his epic novel in three volumes "Sandro from Chegem", first published in abridged form in the magazine "New world" in 1973. Fully novel was released in the U.S. in 1979, the Soviet Union in 1989. the Writer received a cash prize in the amount of 900 thousand rubles.In addition, in the category of "XXI century" prize was awarded to Elena Cationic for "Lived-were the old man and old woman". Remuneration of writer amounted to 750 thousand rubles. Читать полностью -->

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