Nirvana is back in the British album chart

Nirvana is back in the British album chartThis happened after the release of the reissue CD of the band "Nevermind", the original of which was released in 1991. As reported on the website of the originator of the hit parade Official Chart Company, the new version of "Nevermind" debuted in fifth place.Updated "Nevermind" was also noted in the Australian album chart. For example, in Australia the record, as in the UK, was fifth. The original album in 1991 in the Australian hit parade was second and British, and now fifth.The new edition of the second album Nirvana took place on 19 September (in the USA - 20 September). In the Deluxe collection includes one DVD and four CD-ROM: the last remastering of "Nevermind", complete with b-sides, live recordings, Studio sessions, demo recordings and other materials.The release was timed to the 20th anniversary since the release of the original version of the disc.As for the current British chart, the album Nirvana was not the first cult album, celebrated in the hit parade among fresh records. At the 11th place of the top albums were re-released Pink Floyd album "The Dark Side of the Moon". Читать полностью -->

Stills from the film `Dear friend` (photo, video)

Stills from the film `Dear friend` (photo, video)Now the actor, together with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci starred in the new film. According to the classic work by guy de Maupassant.Georges (Robert Pattinson) involve money, sex and power. Seductive looks and nerves of steel a card player, charming manners and claws of a predator - and Paris, the city of Vice and passion, lies at his feet.Mistresses ambitious young men playing a famous actress uma Thurman and Christina Ricci.Source: still from "Dear friend" (photo, video). . . . Читать полностью -->

The Vatican found the main manuscript of Spinoza's work

The Vatican found the main manuscript of Spinoza's workThe manuscript of "Ethics" - the main work of the Dutch philosopher of Jewish origin of Benedict Spinoza discovered in the Vatican library, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Vatican radio, with reference to the Director of the division of manuscripts of Professor Paolo vian (PaoloVian).The Director of the division of manuscripts of Professor Paolo vian said that the discovery of the manuscript was predictable because its "traces" were found in various descriptions of library collections. "It was only necessary to read them carefully," said the Professor.According to him, the manuscript collections promise a lot of finds, because in the later middle Ages and New time papal library is actively replenished manuscripts, and not all of them were thoroughly understood. "This does not mean that the Vatican library itself does not know what is in the stores," said Professor vian and added that research is conducted systematically and thoroughly.Professor vian expressed hope that "the secrets hidden in the Vatican library, will open to the humble and persevering investigator who knows how to read". Employee of the library added that it was "no mystery about which fantasizes Dan brown". Vian has rejected speculation that the manuscripts in the library available to a narrow circle of persons".According to an employee of the library, his manuscripts Department often receives requests from people who want to see the original letter of Pontius Pilate to the Emperor Tiberius about Jesus." Professor vian usually jokingly replied that such document is, unfortunately, not found.Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza (1632-1677) was one of the main representatives of modern philosophy. Ethics, in which Spinoza systematically expounded his philosophy, was first published after the death of the philosopher in 1677 in Amsterdam.The Foundation of the Apostolic library of the Vatican consists of more than one million books and 150 thousand manuscripts, of which eight thousand are incunabula (books published in Europe since the beginning of printing until the first of January 1501). Читать полностью -->

Oskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airport

Oskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airportOskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airport, going into a rage because of poor service and inattention to his own person.The artist, who worked at the festival yurmalina "in Latvia, has returned to Moscow. Oscar was very tired. "Over Yurmalina! 2 days of 7 hours of doing! Alive with difficulty... After 5 hours the plane to Moscow for the shooting!" - complained Kuchera on its Internet page on Twitter.The passport control of the actor finished off eventually, after which he did not hesitate in expressions. Riga airport is the worst piece of feces!!! - did not keep their emotions Oscar. They made a queue for registration of 200 people! Same for passport control!!! I approach the girl at checkout said, "Hello", this looks dumb sheep and silent!!! I ask, "You speak Russian, don't tell?" She: "I Say!" I: "what don't you say hi?" She is silent and blinks!!! Tough!". Читать полностью -->

Natalya Varley kidnapped and tried to rape

Natalya Varley kidnapped and tried to rapeNatalya Varley once kidnapped, whisked away to the mountains and tried to rape. And it's not the plot of the film, and the worst, according to the actress, her nightmare."And every time I Wake up in a cold sweat from his scream. It's not just a dream, it happened to me in reality. I was kidnapped! And now I personally know how scary it is to be in this situation" - sadly said the star of "the Caucasian captive".The incident occurred in Kislovodsk, where Varley said Kohl. "The bus arrived late in the evening. I, exhausted, came out of the cabin at a stop. Читать полностью -->

The handwriting gave intimate secrets Kirkorov

The handwriting gave intimate secrets KirkorovPhilip constantly kept in mind, however, about their personal inclinations and tastes he prefers not to spread. Meanwhile, the mystery singer gave his handwriting.With the help of an expert graphologist magazine "Secrets of the stars" tried to find out what hides Patriotic king of pop from his fans. As it turned out, Kirkorov is not looking for sexual partners. But do not rush to worry about the state of his health: just the artist believes that they will find it themselves, as the first step, which he disdains.Despite this fault-finding, intimate the relationship the singer still there, and moreover, now he is in love. Although in General, the graphologist concluded that sex Philip refers to something humiliating to him and tries not to fall. Ambiguity causes even the orientation of the stars of show business.The rest is very selective and doubting personality, albeit with extremely high self-esteem. Читать полностью -->